For the curious and adventurous problem solvers of our world


Offering a solution to outdated university curriculums

ALGOSUP was born out of the vision of Éric Larchevêque (co-founder of Ledger) and Franck Jeannin (co-creator of the first UbiSoft games) to create a school that the two seasoned computer programming masters would have once dreamed of studying at themselves. Meanwhile, their colleague Natacha Boez recognised the unique opportunity to inject an entrepreneurial spirit into the venture by developing an exciting educational experience that bridged the gap between academia and the working world.

And so ALGOSUP has evolved…

Research shows the traditional way is not always the best way

ALGOSUP students learn by doing. Our learning process is led by neuroscience and cognitive science and we use that approach to guide and pace our courses. Designing software requires a large array of skills. Not only programming but analysing needs and creating solutions.

Our students:

Work autonomously

are responsible for their own progress

work on real commercial projects, building products/services involving all facets of software (cloud, Web, mobile, UX, …).

Our professional instructors are experts in their field

We don't have formal teachers. We don’t have formal classrooms either.

After unparalleled experience in the software industry, Franck, Éric and Natacha have drawn on their vast first-hand experience to ensure learning at ALGOSUP always stays technically relevant in a changing world.

Our professional instructors are international big tech experts who are equipped to share with our students the demands placed on a software architect when the parameters constantly change. Their practical knowledge offers students unrivalled insight into the working world which enables them to become responsive and resilient.

Their instructors' passion and creativity inspire and motivate student engagement in the program.

Our students develop habits for continuous learning

While nothing stands still in technology, we shy away from the latest fads (some web frameworks have a shorter shelf life than a bottle of milk and, no, you don’t need a blockchain to do that).

We instead focus on essential skills (hardware architectures, binary logic, algorithms, data structures, …) and identify and study the new technologies that are important.

Our students understand early on that they will have to learn all their life to keep on top of ever-changing innovations and we help them develop that natural inclination for continuous learning.

BD_ALGOSUP Softskills 2

Our courses are all in English

Software development happens everywhere, not just in France. That’s why we work exclusively in English and use all the tools that make remote development possible and productive.

English is not an admission requirement, though. It's just another language that our students learn by practicing in context. We're at their side to help all of them become perfectly fluent before they start their career in an international workspace.

More than a school, ALGOSUP is a community

Our students start as a diverse group. Some have a high school diploma, others are changing course mid-term – or are even self-taught.

Set to the South of Paris, we are situated in a beautiful part of France between history, gastronomy, and the Loire Valley. Vierzon is fast becoming a tech hub, attracting software giants like Ledger - all keen to meet with our under-graduates.

BD_ALGOSUP Soft Skills Raimondo PICTET

It’s not all about the tech

What does a week in such a teaching environment look like? Well, it’s a subtle balance between three software days, one focused on English, and one on soft skills.

You can find out more about our daily life on our social media channels.

So, how do you become an ALGOSUP student (and a highly sought-after graduate)?