Who Are We ?

The history of the creation of ALGOSUP

Deux jeunes filles qui lisent l'histoire d'ALGOSUP sur la page Qui sommes-nous ?

Starting from a blank page - the creation of ALGOSUP

First and foremost, we must confess: we don’t come from the education system… and that may be good news!

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From left to right: Éric LARCHEVÊQUE · Natacha BOEZ · Franck JEANNIN


Éric and Franck, who both pursued very conventional (perhaps too conventional?) engineering studies, decided to open their dream school, one they would have loved to attend themselves. And Natacha, who introduced hundreds of people to entrepreneurship, wanted to create easy connections between schools and businesses.

We started from scratch in order to avoid outdated methods and we put our result-driven minds to work with a single goal: to close the cultural gap separating studies and work.

Some schools choose to teach Computer Science for opportunistic reasons (given the huge demand for developers), but we didn’t. Éric and Franck have been passionate about software creation ever since they first learned to use a keyboard - throughout their 30-year careers, everything changed but their enthusiasm and their relentless need to always learn new things.

The Three Founders


Franck began his career by developing Ubisoft’s first videogames during its early days as a small start-up company. He also got the chance to work for BusinessObjects when everything still needed to be invented, way before SAP acquired it for 4.8 billion euros.

Being of an inquisitive and creative nature, Franck has had numerous patents registered and contributed to eliminating broken links on the Internet.

He is passionate about rich multicultural exchanges, has opened companies in France, England, and the United States, and has spent a considerable amount of time in approximately 50 countries.


Éric has never worked as an employee and is a true serial entrepreneur, leveraging each accomplishment to build the next greater success. 

Before ALGOSUP, his most recent accomplishment was Ledger, the world leader in crypto asset security [read: hardware wallet manufacturer]. Created in 2014 and valued at over 1.5 billion USD, it is officially the 17th French unicorn. 

In his spare time, Éric takes center stage on the TV show “Qui Veut Être Mon Associé”, the French version of "Shark Tank". On top of his investments on the show, he has also invested in around 30 technology companies and serves on the boards of directors for some of these companies.

Natacha BOEZ

Natacha has always wanted to be an entrepreneur, which influenced her choice of higher education. Her introduction into the professional world proved to be a culture shock, a clash between theory and reality.

A trip to Canada made her realize that to be an entrepreneur, it is crucial to alter your mindset rather than accumulate knowledge. This prompted her to help as many people as possible launch their own companies as soon as they could.

By creating ALGOSUP, Natacha is able to put into practice the advice she has been giving other people all these years.