ALGOSUP Graduates

Ivan, graduated in April 2023, and is a Software Engineer for BEMO (Seattle), starting salary: $72,637 per year

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According to Ivan, he was around 8 years old when his parents brought home their first computer, and he quickly developed a passion for computer science.

While he was born in Romania, he migrated to France with his family at the age of 12.

Ivan didn’t speak a word of French. Nonetheless, he was enrolled in a French middle school, where he attended intensive French classes for non-native speakers.

Finished with middle school and still passionate about IT (information technology), he chose high school courses focused on digital electronic systems.

With his high school diploma in his pocket, his next step was a two-year Advanced Technician Diploma in Digital Systems, IT, and Networks. Ivan completed it in 2020. Wishing to further his studies, he looked for an apprenticeship.

However, he could not find a company to work with. Unable to start an apprenticeship, he paused his studies for a few months.

It was in March 2021 when he discovered ALGOSUP and decided to join the school to study for a Master’s degree in Software Architecture — all in English!

In April 2022, during an oral examination before a jury of industry professionals, Ivan stood out for his professionalism. Bruno Lecoq, a member of the jury and CEO of BEMO (a cybersecurity company based in Seattle), spotted him. Bruno announced, "After your studies, I’m going to hire you."

For his entire summer break in 2022, he worked remotely for BEMO as a software developer. During the following school year (2022-2023), he worked with the company: he alternated between school (35 hours per week) and work (8 hours per week). His main mission was to develop tools that would improve the everyday lives of the company’s employees. Ivan was paid $30 an hour; he worked from home, and his colleagues hailed from the four corners of the globe. Conveniently, the time difference didn’t pose a problem for him. His meetings usually took place between 6 and 11 pm, and he had total control over the management of his work and his timetable.

The very first of our ALGOSUP graduates

Ivan graduated in April 2023 and became the very first of our ALGOSUP graduates!

BEMO officially hired Ivan as a full-time Software Engineer in May 2023. Ivan’s salary, as a beginner, is $72,637 a year (in six months, he would have made enough to reimburse the entire student loan he took out to pay for his school fees). Additionally, he benefits from stock options, a stock-based compensation tool.

And the cherry on the cake? Once a year, BEMO will invite him to a company seminar organized in the Caribbean, where he’ll meet his colleagues "for real".

We’re extremely proud of Ivan’s journey, and we wish him the best for the future.

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