Become the professional that software companies are queuing up to hire. Apply to ALGOSUP today.

Jeune étudiant en train de coder sur son ordinateur.

Open to everyone!

No minimum experience is required in either Programming or English to apply to ALGOSUP (beginners are welcome).

Prerequisites to apply to ALGOSUP

Firstly, you must have a high school/secondary school completion certificate.

Secondly, we need to see your predisposition for software development (detected by our video game).

Thirdly, you ought to be motivated, curious, perseverant and ready to engage in a long course of study (2-5 years after secondary school).

The four steps to complete to become an unmatched developer!

Here is how, thanks to your studies at ALGOSUP, you can become a professional that companies are queuing up to hire:

Unlock new potential you never knew existed by identifying whether your unique thinking process is suited to our learning. Apply to ALGOSUP by playing our video game to discover if you have the special skills required for programming (even without knowing it). Indeed, no prior knowledge is necessary in order to play. After 30 minutes of playing, we will be able to assess your capabilities.

If the video game indicates you have the critical mindset and creative determination you need to succeed, we'll arrange to meet and discuss ALGOSUP with you in-depth, so you can explore what a future in software development could look. 

It’s an interview of around one hour, either by videoconference or at the school. The interview will help us understand who you are, your experiences, your plans, your state of mind, and your perception of the profession. We want to make sure that you will thrive at ALGOSUP and in this field.

You won’t have to wait long for the decision: we will tell you either at the end of the interview, or soon after, whether you have been accepted to ALGOSUP or not. There's no agonising wait to endure. If the answer is a "YES!", then the final decision is up to you!

If you are accepted, you will receive the registration papers that you need to fill out and sign. These include the training contract and its annexes (which provide details about the curriculum, school rules, financial terms...). Become the software champion companies around the world are queuing up to hire!

Paying for Your Studies

Tuition Fees

Our tuition fees are €9,500 per year. It is a considerable sum and we are aware of this. However, it is above all, an investment in your future.

Note that this sum also includes computer hardware, books, teaching resources, exam fees, outings…

Financing your Studies

Your studies can be paid for in two different manners:

  • In the case of a student loan, ALGOSUP has negotiated student loans, through a French bank which does not require a guarantor, to make studying with us accessible to all. This loan is refundable at the end of their training, at their entry into working life. The start of the repayment is deferred until you graduate and find a job. The only restriction is that you must be an adult in your country of origin.
  • And/or self-financing.

For either solution, we require payment of a deposit of €2,500 at the time of your registration. The rest of the school year’s fees are due a month before classes begin.

If you would like more details, please contact us.